Life is what you make of it, and you are what you make of you. In that spirit, it’s time for a pat on the digital back. Here are some things people around the internet are saying about Dot The Slash!

Bursting with storytelling that can only be described as “technical”, Mr. Wilkerson takes his readers on the ride of their lives. The “choose your own adventure” format of Mike’s blog lends a credible touch to a subject that the world poo-poos.

With an app’s worth of proper syntax on the line, Wilkerson whisks his readers off to a faraway land that will have you begging for more. From noun to adverb, Wilkerson expertly dances to imagery that leaps off the page and pirouettes through the mind’s eye, as only an expert graduate of Juilliard could do.

A highly readable blog that combines the completeness of “War and Peace” with the OSX user manual that many of us keep on our desk, Wilkerson has won me over, and I can guarantee I will be back for more.

Mike Nelson
mknlsn photography


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